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I Reach for You Lyrics - marc anthony

Baby love
Sometimes it's hard for me to tell
you what I'm thinking of
So I try to find a way that
I can show you love
What you mean to me

It's not enough to give you
everything that you were ever
dreaming of
I could never find a way that
I could pay you love
For all the things you do
'Cause when my life gets crazy
The only one who comforts me is you

When I'm feeling all alone
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When I'm searching for someone I can run to
I reach for you
When I need a hand to hold
Or a place where I can feel what love can do
I reach for you

Needing you
Is something that I've really gotten used to
I can't imagine being here with no one else
No one but you

What I found
Is it dosen't get much better
than when you're around
Having you is all I really
need when I get down
You pull me through

'Cause when my life
Gets crazy
The only one who comforts me is you

[Repeat Chorus]

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